About the School
History of the School

When the founder of the school, Rita Perlova-Ochai arrived in Onitsha in 1984, she didn’t realize how much her chosen vocation will become a change agent in the city and create an institution that has become synonymous with progressiveness in the state.

Even though she always had a vision of a great school, she didn’t think that she would reside here long enough to fulfill it. As it is, she remained here to this day and has put all her energy into making her dream a reality.

Following is a timeline of significant dates and events that occurred in the process:

1970 – The founder received a degree in child psychology inspired by a childhood desire to become a teacher.
1970 – 1972 She worked in various schools as an instructor and a supervisor in Odessa, Ukraine
1978 – The first of Rita’s schools in Nigeria was opened in Benin and it was named Safeway School
1984 – She opened the first private pre-elementary school in Onitsha in Anambra State. It was opened under the name of New Nkisi Nursery
1988 – The school moved its operations to Park road from New Nkisi road
2002 – The school wins a Distinguished Academic Award from University of Nigeria Alumni Association
2002 – The school wins a merit award from the Anambra State Grassroots Orientation Vanguard
2002 – The school wins an Academic Award from Rotaract Club
2004 – The school expands, opening a campus in Fegge and renames itself Nkisi Regent School
2008 – NRS moves most of its GRA student body to Bent Lane
2009 – The school officially changes the name of its Park Rd campus to Safeway school in homage to the schools roots
2012 – Regent College opens its doors to its pioneer students