Fegge Campus

Dear Guest,
Nkisi Regent School in Fegge was opened in 2004 as a result of the pressure mounted on the founder by the parent’s children that she had nurtured in New Nkisi Nursery School. It started with the name New Nkisi School which was later changed to Nkisi Regent School in line with its vision to dominate pre-tertiary education in the state.

In NRS Fegge we strive to provide an education that ensures excellent, broad and balanced experience which will instil confidence, compassion and leadership responsibility in our children.

Well qualified and experienced staff are recruited and retained and are continuously developed to fulfil our core purpose and objectives.

The academic performance of our pupils has always been exceptional. To date, Nkisi Regent School, Fegge has graduated six-sets of primary six classes who have become proud ambassadors of the institution. More starlets are emerging as a result of our desire to produce independent learners who can apply their skills and knowledge in this demanding and ever challenging 21st century world.

Healthy and appropriate extra-curricular activities are arranged to develop specific skills, knowledge and the interest of the pupils. This has developed in our pupils a deep seated love for learning.

Blessing Nwagbo
Head of School
Nkisi Regent School (Fegge)