All our Schools are situated in safe, well maintained, happy and stimulating environments ideally suited for the academic, social and physical development of children.
There are separate playgrounds for children of different ages.

The classrooms and playgrounds are designed to enhance learning with visual stimuli and are continually equipped with toys and educational equipment.
We have fully equipped and purpose equipped rooms for art, music, English language and Computer technology.

We provide every form of convenience for the child’s well being including:

  • Sleeping facilities
  • Functional air-conditioners and fans in the classes,
  • Satellite TV
  • Treated running water
  • Constant power supply
  • Multiple teaching aides
  • Highly functional library
  • Playgrounds equipped with recreational toys to enhance the pupils’ cognitive development.
  • A highly sophisticated computer department
  • There are cctv cameras in strategic places monitoring all activities in the classroom and the compound
  • Interactive whiteboards in the classes of the senior primary
  • Three bore-holes to ensure safe and regular supply of water.
  • Convenient dining spaces with tables, chairs and cutlery sets,
  • LCD television sets in the nursery classes for kids’ programmes and cds,
  • A strong security out-fit for ensuring safety