Admission Overview


Admission is subject to availability of openings as the school enforces a strict class size limit. All prospective pupils seeking admission must also satisfy the following age requirements appropriate to their intended class of study:

Class Minimum age At date
Crèche 1 1 year (12 months) September 1st of the Admission Year
Crèche 2 1 year + 8 months
Nursery 1 2 years + 8 months
Nursery 2 3 years + 8 months
Nursery 3 4 years + 8 months
Primary 1 5 years + 8 months
Primary 6 10 years + 8 months


The process begins with the filling of an application form which can be obtained at the front desk or downloaded by clicking here or on the appropriate link.

Pupils who meet the age criteria for nursery two upwards will undergo an entrance examination comprised of oral interview and written test to ascertain their capabilities with respect to their respective classes. The aim is to make sure every child, on admission, is properly placed in a class that is suitable to his/her ability and inherent potential.

Parents/ guardians of successful applicants will be need to sign an undertaking allowing their participation in various extra-curricular activities and fill a mandatory medical form providing information on any medical history and challenges.

On admission, a school rules and regulations instruction manual will be provided alongside other admission materials.