Our Core Values


  • A sense of pride and prestige

Since our beginning we have been molding characters and careers of outstanding human beings.

  • Tenderness, Love and care

We believe that children respond to a TLC based teaching approach more readily than any other

  • Environmental & Aesthetic excellence

We strive to provide the most visually stimulating environment towards the wholesome development of the mental and physical abilities of the children

  • Total Quality and professionalism

We commit ourselves to uncompromising quality and strive to be thoroughly professional in everything we do

  • Social responsibility

We believe that we must do all we can do to raise the moral and living standards of people around us

  • Outstanding public and parent relations

The children in our care and their parents are at the center of our universe. We are committed to providing the best possible support and service.

  • Academic and sporting excellence

We endeavour to provide the children with the most enabling environment for the pursuit of their academic and their academic interests.

  • A spirit of democracy

We believe that everyone has a voice and should be heard

  • Continuous development

We do not relent in our pursuit of perfection. We are constantly looking for ways to improve everything we do.