What Sets Us Apart?

About Us

Although Regent College was established in 2012, it is the culmination of a 42 year vision. Established on the foundation on Nkisi Regent School, the leading elementary school in the state, the management has pulled out all the stops to provide the ultimate in an educational and social experience.

Situated on vast grounds in prime real estate, Regent College is an oasis of class and order in an otherwise turbulent city. In the tradition of its predecessor, Regent College’s motto is the permanent pursuit of perfection.

Our Promise:

  • To provide a welcoming, beautiful and secure environment for learning and social development
  • To provide modern teaching/ learning technologies and conveniences in comfortable purpose-built classrooms and laboratories
  • To maintain an optimal teacher/ student ratio with a strict limit on student population and class sizes
  • To offer challenges, encourage high expectations and raise attainment in order to produce the most competitive students and maintain the most competent staff.
  • To instill pride in all its stakeholders and give them a sense of being part of an exclusive community
  • To be without a doubt, the best secondary school in the region
  • To become a beacon of light and a source of pride and reference for the society at large
  • To produce an outstanding alumni of graduates within a network of leaders and game changers